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Beginning Your Journey With Us

Having an aesthetic procedure for the first time can be daunting. Whether you are seeking to improve your skin health, signs of ageing or body confidence, at PS Aesthetics Clinic, we ensure you get the most from your experience and treatments with us. 

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Young women face, Symmetry aesthetic



New patients are all advised to book a consultation prior to booking any treatments. Our highly trained aesthetic practitioners are experts in their field and will help you define your treatment goals and develop a personalised treatment plan. This will ensure that you get the most from your treatments with us and also get your desired outcome. 



Your health and wellbeing is our top priority at PS Aesthetics Clinic. You will have an extensive consultation to ensure there are no contraindications & also formulate together with your practitioner a suitable bespoke treatment plan to address all your needs and desires. 



Your treatment will be conducted in clinical practice in the comfort of one of our treatment rooms. You will be photographed prior to and post-treatment in order to confidentially document your aesthetic journey in your medical file. Your medical practitioner will discuss your chosen treatment and perform your selected treatment/s accordingly. 


Follow Up

At PS Aesthetics Clinic we aim to make you feel supported throughout your treatment journey with us. After your treatment, we send you useful information about how to look after the treated area. We will also keep in touch with you to check on your progress and offer comprehensive follow-up after your treatment. 

Begin Your Journey Today

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