Botulinum Toxin 

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Anti wrinkle injections provide a safe and effective rejuvenation for the reduction of lines and wrinkles. Anti wrinkle injections work by targeting the muscles in the face that cause the appearance of wrinkles and relaxing them so that the surface of the skin appears smoothed and line free.

Lasting for months, botulinum toxin treatment will give you a more youthful appearance that looks entirely natural.


What is Botulinum Toxin?

Botulinum Toxin also known as Botox® can be used as a corrective or preventive treatment which involves small amounts of Botox being injected into targeted muscles on the upper face to relax them. You should see visible results just a few days later, with peak results following after 2 weeks.

You can expect reduced forehead lines, frown lines, and crows feet. This smoother facial skin should make you look more rested, and younger than your years. Once the results begin to wear off, you can book yourself in for a top-up treatment to maintain your new, more youthful appearance.


SkinPen is the first microneedling device with FDA clearance for scar management.


Areas of Treatment


Improves wrinkles, minimises pore size and induces skin tightening

Stimulates collagen production thereby promoting regeneration and better complexion

Improves surgical, traumatic, burn and acne scars


Treats hyperpigmentation


Safe for all skin types, light to dark


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Treatment Areas



Stretch Marks

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the treatment carried out?

After evaluating your facial dynamics in your desired treatment area, your healthcare practitioner will clean the areas of treatment. Following the consultation they will inject Botulinum Toxin with a very fine needle in the appropriate places.

What should I do after the treatment?

Your healthcare practitioner will guide you appropriately with regards to the facial exercises you should undertake following your procedure. You should not massage the area that has been treated. Take care when applying cosmetics around the injection points to minimise risk of injection.

What happens during the consultation?

During the consultation with your healthcare practitioner, you will be asked about your medical history, whether you are currently taking any medicines, and whether you have had any facial treatments in the past. Your healthcare practitioner will ask you about your expectation of the treatment results and discuss possibilities of unwanted effects. During this stage you will have the opportunity to ask questions before your treatment.

When will I see the results?

People can respond differently to treatment. Depending on the facial indication treated, some people may start to see an effect from two to three days (some may take longer). The effect of Botulinum Toxin on the injected muscles may last 3-4 months after the injection. The treatment effect gradually wears off, so repeat treatments may be needed to maintain the effect.