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Skin, Injectables or Virtual!

The consultation process is critically important in order to decide the best treatment option for you. During your consultation, you will gain knowledge and information about treatments in order to make an informed decision about your future treatments. 


Whether you chose to be in the comfort of your own home or our clinic you will have the opportunity to ask our practitioners about the procedures and decide a treatment plan together. Consultations are the foundation to a successful treatment journey. 

Why are consultaions important?

Why are Consultations Important?

Consultations are the first step for all patients to ensure we can deliver the most appropriate treatments for you. Each patient is assessed individually and a detailed discussion takes place with your aesthetic practitioner. 

During the consultation process, a comprehensive medical history is taken to ensure there are no contraindications. You will undergo a treatment area analysis and you will be photographed in various positions to document your journey. The consultation will shape your treatment plan and provide you with a guide to your treatment choices, pros, cons, and alternatives. You will have ample opportunity to discuss possible treatment in a supportive environment.


Consultation Styles

Consultation Styles



In Clinic

"I feel so much more informed and confident about the treatments I am going to have"

Detailed explanation of facial anatomy and skin health

Discussion for potential treatment options

Supportive environment to address concerns

Guidance with suitable treatment options

Transparency with pros and cons with treatment choices


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